23 in 1 Aquarium Air Flow Control Kit, 3-Way Air Lever Valve Distributor, Non-return Check Valves, Airline Tube Hose, T…

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【High-quality Material】The 23 in 1 aquarium air go with the flow keep watch over kit is made of high-quality material, which is sturdy and durable for long time use. Our 3-way air valve can both keep watch over and split the air go with the flow into multiple branches, allowing you to power more air driven equipment such as air stones and sponge filters. Air will never leak out and provide good and even air go with the flow.
【Suction Cups & Air Stones】Each suction cup comes with a clip allow air line to be fastened to the back or bottom of the fish tank or aquarium, providing a tidier display aquarium. Suction Cups fit the air valve distributor and standard tube, which are easy to install and remove. Air stones can produce fine bubbles ceaselessly to diffuse oxygen, repeatedly cleaned for long-term use.
【Airline Tube & Check Valve】The airline tube is clear and flexible. The connectors mean you can split one input to 2 outputs for second air stone or filter. Straight connectors are applied for mending or extending air hose. Non return check valve can protect you air pump by preventing aquarium water from back siphoning all over a power outage. Air valve distributors manually keep watch over the go with the flow or switch an air pump on or off and easily to be operated.
【A Complete Kit】Our 23 in 1air pump valve kit includes: 1 x 3-way air go with the flow pump splitter keep watch over valve, 5 m standard airline tubing, 3 x non-return check valves, 10 x suction cup clips, 3 x Air stones, 2 x L-connectors, 1 x I-connectors and 2 x T-connectors, complete tools match well with your fish tank and aquarium. The metal distributor set is an essential fitting to use in fish tank, hydroponics and pond especially in fresh water.
【Wide Applications】The aquarium air pump valve distributors set is suitable for all aquariums, such as fish tank, hydroponic, heavy duty professional, commercial air pumps and so forth. They are able to be put in salt water or fresh water. If in case you have any questions when you use our aquarium airline connector kit , please feel free to contact us, we will be able to provides you with satisfactory service.


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