aquarium air stone bar fish tank air diffuser with air control valve, silent and subtle design, 6 inch length wide… Price: £15.58 (as of 19/06/2021 16:58 PST- Details)


Aquarium air stone bar 6 inch length

If having an aquarium is your hobby, then you surely understand how important it is to provide sufficient oxygen to the tank, by increasing its circulation. If you’re looking to invest in a premium quality air stone, you’ve come to the right place!

Why is this product for you?

This aquarium air stone bar bubble diffuser comes with the latest technology, having a built-in air valve which has the role of controlling the bubble amount, should the air pump be too strong. The top-quality, qualified ceramic materials are 100% good for the creatures, while the elegant, sleek non-floating design is compatible with all sorts of fish thanks! Order this Aquarium air stone bar for yourself or as a special gift for a fish passionate friend, and you can be sure to win their appreciation!

Some of the amazing features of this product:

  • Micro air bubble diffuser doesn’t float;
  • Suitable for all species;
  • Increases oxygen circulation in the tank;
  • Sleek and practical design;
  • Reduce noise;
  • Elegant, easy to match with all aquarium projects and styles;
  • 6” long;
  • Great gift idea.

WHAT YOU NEED: Whether you’re an old fan of aquariums and enjoy their relaxing effects or you’ve recently decided to embrace this wonderful hobby, you’ll be needing a state-of-the-art fish tank air pump. For that, we offer the perfect solution!
MICRO OXYGEN DIFFUSER: This aquarium bubbler will diffuse air into the tank in a gradual manner, helping eliminate large bubbles caused by filtration systems and unpleasant noise. The oxygen will increase in circulation, keeping the fish healthy!
SUBTLE & ELEGANT DESIGN: Measuring only 6” in length, this non-floating oxygen bubble diffuser is extremely subtle, perfectly fitting in all sorts of aquariums and easily matching with all styles, from modern to traditional, classic ones!
EASY INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE: Unlike similar products on the market, this aquarium air stone is easy to install within seconds, having a non-floating and practical design. For a long-lasting life and maximum results, we recommend cleaning it with vinegar once a month.
IDEAL FOR ALL SPECIES: This Aquarium air stone bar bubbler is the perfect choice whether you’re a fan of exotic fish, guppy, shrimp, and any other aquatic species! You’ll make sure their tank is always properly oxygenated, keeping them healthy!


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