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Interpet Insight Glass Aquarium Premium Kit, 40 L with Curved Glass, Built in filter, Lighting, and Heater Suitable for Coldwater and Tropical fish Price: £159.98 (as of 09/04/2023 06:13 PST- Details)

It has four stage filtration and aquacare reminder system
Easycare, effective cartridge filter system with high performance led low wattage lighting – high brightness/low power use
Slim low profile lid and curved glass for a panoramic viewing



Interpet Insight Glass Aquarium Premium Kit, 40 L

It has 4-degree filtration and aqua care reminder system
Easycare, efficient cartridge clear out system with prime efficiency led low wattage lighting fixtures – prime brightness/low power use
Narrow low profile lid and curved glass for a wide-ranging viewing
Absolutely upgradeable with timer, lighting fixtures, and auto feeder

Insight – 40 Litre Premium Glass Aquarium

An Advanced Aquarium Kit with High Performance LED lighting and allowing for optional upgrades (sold separately) such as Auto Feeder, Lighting Auto Timer, Triple Strip LED Lighting Upgrade.

Insight puts the fun back into fish keeping and brings exciting new features to help you every step of the way.

Also includes the following advanced features:- High Performance Dual LED Lighting, efficient and economical bright lighting from low wattage LEDs, Bright White for lush plant or coral growth (without encouraging algae), and Blue Moon for softer, more relaxed night time viewing, and to bring out the beautiful colours of your fish and producing an attractive ripple effect. Available in either 40 or 64 Litres

Featuring the new and revolutionary Interpet CF-1 Internal Cartridge Filter and is manufactured with curved glass for panoramic and all angle viewing.

The CF-1 Filtration system: One of the most versatile, comprehensive, and easy-to-use filters available. It uses a simple cartridge system which allows for the easiest of maintenance and excellent water clarity. Contains, Ceramic Biomedia, patented Floss & Carbon Pad, and an algae prevention pad helping to reduce unsightly algae and phosphate levels in the aquarium.

Tried and Tested Interpet Products

The Interpet 100 W Deltatherm Heater for aquariums is precise, reliable, and more than capable of doing a superb job of keeping your water at the perfect temperature, no matter if you keep cold water or tropical fish. Featuring double insulation and being fully submersible, it is ideal for any fish type that suits this aquarium. We also provide you with Interpet’s best-selling tap safe and filter start which adds essential bacteria to kick start the biological filter and Aloe Vera to protect your fish, meaning you have a complete setup for your aquarium with just one competitively priced aquarium.

Features include:
  • High Performance LED blue and white lighting for day and night viewing.
  • Exclusive Aquacare reminder system, never forget to change or clean your filter again.
  • Easy care and effective cartridge filter system
  • Curved glass for panoramic view
  • Ideal for coldwater and tropical aquariums
The Revolutionary Aquacare Reminder System – Makes caring for your fish simpler

The Aquacare Reminder System is a simple push button feature which is built into, and fitted neatly under the feeding flap on the hood of the aquarium. It is specifically designed to remind you every 30 days that you need to change your filter media and carry out any additional maintenance, ensuring you, your fish and your beautiful fish tank are at their ‘happiest’ at all times. Making fish keeping a simple and enjoyable routine. For added support and to hold all of your fish keeping accessories, such as food, nets and cleaning equipment, we highly recommend the Interpet Cabinet which supplements, and enhances the aquarium to its maximum potential.


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