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BRING HOME A LIVE PLANT THAT BENEFITS YOUR AQUARIUM — The 4 LUFFY Giant Moss Balls are live plants. Fish poop and their food debris disturb the system of the water tank. These balls help in creating a thriving atmosphere for the aquatic species.
REAL MARIMOS ARE NOT ALWAYS SPHERICAL & MIGHT HAVE SOME BROWN SPOTS ON THEM — As you buy LUFFY Giant Marimo Moss Balls, you will have to have the ability to differentiate between a real and a fake marimo. The marimo will not all the time be spherical in shape or lush green in color. It is perfectly ok to have some brown spots. On the other hand, if you do find sparkling green and perfectly spherical marimos, there is a high chance that they’re synthetically prepared marimos.
ADDS TO THE AESTHETIC BEAUTY & ARE LOW MAINTENANCE — LUFFY doesn’t use dye that imparts an artificial green color to the moss balls. Since it distributes non-synthetic marimo moss balls, expect to receive regular/irregular shaped moss balls that don’t seem to be all the time in deep green color. Undoubtedly, the marimo moss balls add to the aesthetic beauty of the aquarium and are low maintenance. They simply require some light and freshwater.
LOVED BY SHRIMPS — Some snails love to feed on live plants, but in the case of the LUFFY marimo moss balls, they nibble or eat food off it just like a shrimp. Shrimps, however, gorge on the green stuff and munch on any particle they like. We recommend keeping the marimo moss balls away from fish such as Koi or goldfish as it’s a tasty snack for them. It’s completely fine and edible for them, but you don’t want your one pet to eat your plant pet.
GREAT FOR KIDS’ PROJECTS & GIFTS — With such a lot of creative projects to do with the Luffy Marimo Moss Balls, parents and teachers have fun with kids of all ages at the same time as learning about a different culture. Everyone can create their own unique mini aquarium by placing marimo in a clear glass vessel and adding decorations like shells, stones, and other living marine life. Find a corked bottle and some colorful crystals to make a clever gift that your child can give to a relative or friend.


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