Pressurised Koi Fish Pond Filter/UV Light Steriliser all in one (PFC-3000) Price: £79.99 (as of 20:03 EST- More info)


All Pond Solutions Koi Carp Pond Filter Pressurised UV Light Steriliser all in one (PFC-3000)

The All Pond Solutions koi carp pond filter provides Biological and mechanical filtration for efficient removal of waste.
3 fine filter foams supplied.
Built-in 9W UV steriliser and clarifier; Pressurized filter allows exiting water to run uphill – max. 3m.
For ponds up to a maximum of 3000 Litres.
The quick, simple, and easy spin clear cleaning mechanism.

This Koi Carp pressurised pond filter with built-in UV sterilisers is designed to be continuously pressurised by your pond pump, maintaining excellent water quality for healthy fish keeping.

By simply turning the cleaning handle you can rinse clean the foam media, reducing the need to disassemble.

Once rinsed, a separate outlet can be opened to discharge any dirty water until it runs clean and basic maintenance is complete.

Each unit is supplied with a built-in UV light, which effectively prevents the growth of algae and eliminates harmful micro-organisms and parasites which may cause fish diseases.

Model: PFC-3000 UV power: 9W maximum output: 4000 litre/ hour filter volume: 8 litres 2 x stepped hosetails to fit hose size: 20 and 25mm hoses Suitable for ponds with heavily stocked koi, cable length: 5M Dimensions: 250mm x 250mm x 407mm/ 9.8in x 9.8in x 16in 2 year warranty.

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Pond Filter

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