U-picks Aquarium Heater Submersible Fish Tank Heater 100W Tropical Fish Tank Heater with LED Digital Temperature…

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【Safety Protection Design】 : U-picks thermostatic aquarium heater adopts dual sensors for better protection, when the water temp is higher than the set temp, heater automatically stop heating. When the water temp is lower than the set temp, heater automatically start heating. Stepwise heating, the temperature gradually rises, which can prevent the temperature from changing too quickly to cause the fish to be uncomfortable.
【Thicker Exploson-Proof Quartz Glass 】: The usage of stable and reliable high-quality materials, 30% thicker than normal aquarium heaters, which is blast-proof. Protective Cover made of high temperature resistant material will not soften with high temperature, it can prevent your loved fish from scalding
【Dual LED Digitale Display】: With dual digital display windows, you’ll clearly see the water temp and set temp at the same time even at the hours of darkness. It is convenience to observe the temp change, higher security. With others’ heater, you can also want to take out the heater when adjust the temperature, which is easy to burn yourself. Then again, ours’ external temp controller allows you adjust temp outdoor the fish tank, convenient and secure
【Heating Faster&Power Saving】: Unlike others, we u-picks aquarium heater use Quartz as heat transfer medium, which can conduct heat in less time, more power saving. Temperature adjustment range is 20-34 ℃, greatly meeting the temperature needs of different ornamental fish. 100W heater is suitable for 20-200L aquariums. NOTE: Please make certain that the heater is completely submerged in the water before turning on the power, and install it near the water flowing area to prevent uneven heating
【After-sales reply within 24 hours】: Our heaters are sealed with plastic packaging(Including controller and heating tube body part) to be sure that new products are provided to customers. If the anti-theft seals on the packaging are damaged, please contact us for a refund/replacement.


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