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Keeping Fish as pets is a fun and relaxing hobby, there are many different types that all have characters of their own, it is always important to look after your pets, keeping them safe.

Maintaining your aquarium, tank or pond is an important part of fish keeping, so we hope you will enjoy all the information and products we have to help you with your pet hobby.

When you have your Aquarium set up correctly you will have many years of enjoyment looking after and nurturing your pets.

If you are a beginner start your hobby by keeping a small number of fish first, learn how to maintain the aquarium, and then introduce more pets gradually to your aquarium.

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Take a look at our latest beginner guides, how to look after your fish correctly, how to set up an aquarium, what types of fish are best for an aquarium, plus much more. We also provide information about what products are required when setting up an aquarium correctly, plus tips and tricks, and valuable information to help guide you in explaining what each product does.

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Checklist for setting up the perfect aquarium

There are many different types of fish that make great pets. They can be fun and relaxing but also require lots of care. It’s important to know what your pet needs before you decide to take one home from the pet store!

  • Fish Tank large enough for the number of fishes you want to keep in the tank.
  • Substrate improves the look of your aquarium tank provides habitat for beneficial microorganisms, essential if you choose to grow live plants in your aquarium.
  • Filter for water purity and quality maintaining water quality and a balanced environment.
  • Heater to maintain a stable water temperature within an aquarium.
  • Thermometer to periodically check the water temperature in the tank.
  • De-Chlorinator to make Tap Water safe preventing harm to your pets.
  • Lighting to make your tank look beautiful and create a day-night environment simulating a natural environment.
  • Decorations to make your aquarium look great and enhance your fishes experience in the tank, also providing shelter.

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