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  • Accessories

    Accessories (47)

    Keeping Fish Accessories At Keeping Fish UK we have a large range of accessories to help you maintain your aquarium with ease including Fish tank cleaning tools, siphons and thermometers browse our keeping fish accessories range of products.
  • Air Pumps

    Air Pumps (17)

    Fish Tank Air Pumps Air pumps are an important part of a fish tank aquarium set up they oxygenate the water so your fish have a perfect environment browse our great selection of Water pumps to oxygenate your fish tank.
  • Bubblers

    Bubblers (17)

    Fish Tank Bubblers and Air-stones Fish Tank Bubblers having bubbles in your aquarium will oxygenate the water making it safer for fish, cool funky fish tank bubblers and air-stones.
  • Decorations

    Decorations (31)

    Fish Tank Decorations make your aquarium look great adding some decoration can be pleasing to the eye and good for your fish.
  • Filters

    Filters (22)

    Filters for aquarium fish tanks Keeping fish in perfect shape require a good Aquarium filter perfect filters for your Fish
  • Fish Food

    Fish Food (23)

    Fish Food for tropical fish freshwater, saltwater and pond fish, feeding your fish with a balanced diet, note: do not overfeed fish as it is bad for them.
  • Fish Tanks

    Fish Tanks (38)

    Fish Tanks Bowls and Aquariums Starting an aquarium doesn't have to be difficult. At Keeping Fish UK we have an extensive range of fish tanks Bowls and Aquariums, a range of starter tanks all the way up to large fish tanks. Before selecting a fish tank, be sure if you want to keep tropical, cold water or marine fish. Once…
  • Heaters

    Heaters (26)

    Aquarium heaters keeping your fish tank at a constant temperature will help keep your fish healthy and happy
  • Lighting

    Lighting (22)

    Fish Tank Lighting and Pond Lights an important part of keeping fish replicate lighting that your fish would get in their natural habitat.
  • Substrate

    Substrate (28)

    Substrate and Gravel for fish tanks Aquarium sand / Gravel and substrate for the base of your Fish Aquarium
  • Water Treatment

    Water Treatment (27)

    Water Treatment solutions for your fish tank keeping your fish safe and your aquarium looking beautiful.