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Basic Aquarium Knowledge Happy Fish

Basic Aquarium Knowledge

Starting out with an Aquarium can be scary but it is much easier than you might think, below you will find some basic Aquarium Knowledge to get you started.

Basic Aquarium Knowledge

Firstly Just like any hobby the more you know the more fun and enjoyment you will get from this great hobby, with some basic aquarium knowledge you will be on your way to setting up the perfect fish tank.


The Bigger, The Better, The Easier!

basic aquarium knowledge large fish tank

Strangely enough the larger the aquarium the easier it is to care for. The more water you have in your aquarium makes it easier to obtain a balanced environment for your fish.

When starting out with keeping fish we would recommend an aquarium of 100 litres or higher.

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Taking Care of Guppies

Firstly here are many questions asked about taking care of Guppies as a result here are some of the Questions and Answers relating to Keeping guppy fish.

Can I keep just one guppy?

As guppies are usually seen in groups, many new fish keepers wonder if they can keep one guppy on its own.

Firstly It’s absolutely fine to keep one guppy alone, particularly if you own a very small tank which would cause cramped conditions if you were to keep several.

The size of your tank is something that needs to be taken into consideration when you are buying any type of fish, and although guppies are small they breed very easily as a result, four guppies could become eight and then twelve, and so on.

taking care of guppies keeping fish

When buying a single guppy, many small tank owners opt for a male to rule out the possibility that the fish may be pregnant and carrying young already.

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How to Cycle an Aquarium

How to Cycle an Aquarium

Firstly your aquarium is one of the most important parts of keeping fish and one of the most common questions is “How to cycle an Aquarium so it is safe for my fish ”

The cycling process will ensure that the water in your fish tank is a perfect environment for your fish.

Why do I need to Cycle an Aquarium?

It is important to cycle your aquarium to obtain a correct level of bacteria in your fish tank.

how to cycle an aquarium
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Taking Care of Goldfish

taking care of goldfish

Goldfish are a popular breed of fish and a great choice for beginners they are a hardy variety of fish making them a perfect choice for new fish-keepers, taking care of goldfish is much easier than other more delicate fish but most importantly they still need to be looked after correctly.

The Perfect Home for your Goldfish

Firstly a large fish tank or an outdoor pond will give your goldfish the space they need to live happily and maintain perfect health.

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