Best Fish Food for Goldfish

Best Fish Food for Goldfish

Firstly goldfish are one of the most common pet fish kept in a home fish tank or aquarium, goldfish are a hardy fish and compared to some of the other species of tropical freshwater fish they are fairly easy to keep, choosing the best fish food for goldfish is important to maintain there health.

Best Fish Food for Goldfish

Types of Goldfish Food


Fish Flakes are the most common food choice for goldfish, it is fed to your fish by sprinkling a small amount onto the surface water of your tank, The food flakes float and then very slowly sink down to the bottom which allows your goldfish to easily gobble up there breakfast before it disappears into your water filter.

Fish Flakes are certainly the best fish food for goldfish as they are easy and practical when keeping fish.


Fish pellets are a specially formulated food for goldfish which helps your fish meet there dietary needs, only feed pellets to larger goldfish as small fish will struggle with this type of food.

Pellets unlike flakes sink to the bottom quickly and if not eaten could cause water pollution, I tend to pop a couple of pellets in twice a week just to add some food variety.

Live Food

Goldfish love live food such as snails, glass worms, even shrimps, once again only feed live foods to large goldfish and no more than 3 times a week.

Larger fish would think live food is the best fish for goldfish but make sure if you use this type of food it is balanced with flakes during the week.

Frozen or Freeze Dried Foods

Frozen and freeze dried foods are the same types of food as live food only they have been frozen, some people prefer this option to placing live foods into the tank, once again only feed them this type of food no more than 3 times a week.

To feed your fish frozen food make sure the pieces you add to the tank are not too large for your fish as they may get food stuck and become poorly, many people say “frozen or live is one of the best fish food for goldfish”.

Plant Matter

Plant matter is a great option for goldfish, as herbivores goldfish will enjoy things such as peas or boiled broccoli, algae wafers are also a good choice fish food, once again introduce this type of food to your tank only 3 times a week.

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Before deciding on the best fish food for your goldfish consider these simple points

  • Size of your Goldfish
  • Nutrition
  • Easy to digest Food
  • Flakes
  • Pellets
  • Live Foods
  • Frozen or dried food
  • Plant Matter

Conclusion – The Best Fish Food For Goldfish

Overall my recommendations for feeding your goldfish would be to choose a quality brand of goldfish flakes for smaller and larger goldfish, introduce some different kinds of food such as plant matter, live food, pellets, frozen or dried food a few times a week for larger fish, Fish flakes come out on top as being the best fish food for goldfish, but introducing other types of food into there diet will keep them happy and healthy in your aquarium.

I hope you found this article best fish food for goldfish useful if you would like to let us know what goldfish food you prefer to us it would be great to hear your comments below.

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