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Marina 360 aquarium product review

Marina 360 Aquarium 10 Litre Fish Tank with LED Lighting: Product Review

The Marina 360 Aquarium 10 Litre fish tank with LED Lighting is one of the most beautiful aquariums on the market. The light show that it creates in your home will be something to behold. It’s perfect for anyone looking for a small, low-maintenance aquarium. One thing I really like about this aquarium is how easy it is to set up and maintain. You just need some de-chlorinated water, fish gravel, and some decorations before you’re ready to go!

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Let’s take a look at all the features of this small fish tank

Marina 360 Aquarium Size

The size of the aquarium is 2.65 gallons which makes it perfect for keeping small freshwater fish such as small Goldfish, Platy’s, and Danio’s (If unsure always ask advice from your pet fish supplier).

The Marina 360 Aquarium measures 25.4cm in diameter, stands 31.5cm tall, and weighs 2.39KG. The height is perfect for keeping the aquarium up out on your desk or beside you as it fits well below most standard tabletops.

Integrated Filtration System

The greatest feature of this aquarium is its integrated filtration system which makes it very self-sufficient, with an efficient water circulation pump.

All the maintenance required is a 25% water change regularly to keep your fish healthy and happy.

LED Lighting

The LED lighting is awesome and also has a remote control so you can change the colour of your fish tank to suit your decor or mood in a room, it has Red, Green, or Blue lighting and when lit up looks amazing.

The lights create a soothing relaxed atmosphere that the fish seem to enjoy, the blue LED effect lighting can be used at night to replicate the moon.

marina 360 aquarium LED Colours

Removable Cover

The top cover is removable making it easy to do any necessary work you need to such as change your decorations, change some water or have a pleasant conversation with your favorite fish!

Let’s go more in-depth about the product:

The Marina 360 fish tank is crafted with a sleek housing unit and bottom covers that blend seamlessly into your home decor.

This 10-liter aquarium fits nicely into most spaces but has limited space and makes an ideal starter tank.

This Marina 360 Aquarium 10 Litre fish tank is a great choice if you want to create an aquatic showpiece on the countertops, desktops, or even small spaces such as in your home or office.

The Marina 360 Aquarium 10 Litre fish tank with LED lighting that creates an RGB Lighting effect has a plastic edge made to simulate the look of real glass, reflecting attention to detail.

The aquarium is designed with a single-piece cover that can be removed entirely without any difficulty.

The housing containing a pump, filter, and LED lighting can be easily removed for cleaning.

This pump is designed to circulate the water at a constant rate of 150 litres per hour.

Two filter cartridges collect organic waste and provide biological filtration to keep the water healthy for fish, which includes many plants.

The Marina 360 Aquarium 10 Liter fish tank includes enhanced LED lighting that allows you to create a bright daylight setting or blue-tinted nighttime lighting.

The aquarium can be set up as a cold Freshwater tank or tropical environment with a heater (sold separately) that can be installed in the housing unit.

Gravel and ornaments do not come with the fish tank so you can decorate the aquarium to fit into any room with a unique look of your choosing.


  • Low Maintenance with its built-in filtration system
  • 360-degree viewing angle for all to enjoy in a room
  • LED Lighting creating stunning effects within the home and for your fish
  • Built-in Filtration saving money on add-ons
  • Removable Lid to access everything you need


  • Can only hold small fish comfortably which limits fish types
  • Doesn’t come with a heater
  • Filtration makes a slight hum not too noticeable but needs mentioning


There are many benefits to this fish tank that make it a much better choice for aquarium owners.

The Marina 360 Aquarium is easy and quick, so you don’t need any previous experience with setting up the aquarium.

It is important that you add a small heater if you want to keep fish that require above room temperatures but having said that there are many types of cold-water fish that will thrive in this aquarium.

There is no need to be an expert from the outset to know how the water system works in order to set one of these tanks up on your own, without spending hours researching online which often leads to nowhere near as good information as what comes included when purchasing.

If I’m being honest here then not only does the Marina 360 aquarium look elegant but also creates a beautiful light show at night (with LED lighting) while providing consistent fresh oxygenated airflow throughout its body via circulation pumps.

I would conclude the Marina 360 Aquarium is perfect for beginners or anyone who has limited time but loves to keep pet fish.

Check Out The Marina 360 Aquarium

Marina 360 Aquarium with Remote Control LED Lighting, Multi-colour, 10 Litre,Blue,Green,Red
  • Now includes a remote to control the lighting
  • Red, green and blue lighting
  • Integrated filtration system, Removable cover
  • Efficient water circulation pump
  • Note: Properly clean the impeller inside the pump by removing the impeller and cleaning it thoroughly, Do not...

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I hope you found this product review “Marina 360 Aquarium 10 Litre Fish Tank with LED Lighting” useful especially if you are looking for a small low maintenance fish aquarium.

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