Interpet Internal Aquarium Fish Tank Mini Power Filter, Cleans Water, for Coldwater & Tropical Aquariums Up to 40 Litre Price: £13.82 (as of 02:19 EST- More info)


Interpet Internal Fish Tank Aquarium Filter Mini Power Filter Cleans Water for Coldwater & Tropical Aquariums Up to 40 Litre

The PF Filtration system is a more versatile, comprehensive, and easy-to-use filter range you can buy. Suitable for use in cold water or tropical aquariums.

Your water will stay clean and clear as the clever patented aqua value lets waste particles enter the filter and then hangs onto them, so they do not re-pollute the water.

Even better, you can turn off the filter and remove the filter body for cleaning without the fear of seeing removed waste drop back into the aquarium. It is simple to fit into any aquarium thanks to the easily located cradle, and easily adjusted with a simple flow rate and direction adjustment feature.

Replacement pads are readily available in separate packs of carbon, plain or superfine.

The Interpret PF filter has been designed to give highly effective, low maintenance filtration.

This helps provide ideal conditions for aquarium fish, plants and coral to survive. In addition to providing better filtration, through dual mechanical and chemical filter foams, the filter has several distinct features.

The aquarium is a closed environment. By this Interpet mean that the water in the aquarium is not constantly being replaced as in, for example, a stream or river.

Any deterioration in the quality of the water can have a disastrous effect on livestock in your aquarium.

There are a number of naturally occurring toxic compounds that can lead to an unhealthy aquarium if they are not treated by the filter. Your PF filter is equipped to deal with biological, chemical and mechanical filtration, thus providing a complete solution for your aquarium.

Maintenance is carried out by removing the head from the body of the filter. Finger holds for easy grip are provided. The plastic will become more supple and easier to take apart after a few uses.

You may find your PF filter a little noisy, to begin with, this can be due to air bubbles trapped inside the unit. Allow the filter to settle for a day or two and the air bubbles should pass through the unit making it quieten down.

The PF Mini is ideal for aquariums from 5 to 40 Litre (1-9 gals) in volume. It has a maximum flow rate of 200 Litre per hour (44 gals per hour) and is 5 W. PF filters are available in five sizes.

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