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Basic Aquarium Knowledge Happy Fish

Basic Aquarium Knowledge

Starting out with an Aquarium can be scary but it is much easier than you might think, below you will find some basic Aquarium Knowledge to get you started.

Basic Aquarium Knowledge

Firstly Just like any hobby the more you know the more fun and enjoyment you will get from this great hobby, with some basic aquarium knowledge you will be on your way to setting up the perfect fish tank.


The Bigger, The Better, The Easier!

basic aquarium knowledge large fish tank

Strangely enough the larger the aquarium the easier it is to care for. The more water you have in your aquarium makes it easier to obtain a balanced environment for your fish.

When starting out with keeping fish we would recommend an aquarium of 100 litres or higher.

Basic Guide to Aquarium Maintenance


  • Feed one to two times daily in small amounts.
  • Only have your Aquarium light on for maximum of 10 hrs per day.
  • Maintain a water temperature of 78 degrees for best results.


  • Replace 25% of your water with fresh water.
  • Add dechlorinator to tap water when doing a part water change.


  • Clean the tank by using water only (detergents are harmful to your fish).
  • Clean Glass inside and out by using an aquarium maintenance tool kit.
  • Clean Decorations ( Plants, Ornaments, Rocks etc.)
  • Clean Gravel with a gravel syphon.

Aquarium Location

The location of your aquarium is important to maintain a constant water temperature and also to protect the aquarium from contamination or damage this basic Aquarium Knowledge will help you.

Do Not Locate an Aquarium

  • In direct sunlight
  • Near a heat source such as radiators or heaters
  • Under Vents
  • Doorways or walkways

Equipment for your Aquarium

Essential Tools for Maintaining an Aquarium



A filter is an important part of your aquarium providing clean healthy water by means of filtration. this will keep your water clean plus your plants and fish healthy.

In this example I am showing you the All Pond Solutions Aquarium filter which filters at 1200 litres per hour, impressive!

Air Pump

Air Pump;

Air pumps add oxygen to your aquarium essential for keeping your fish healthy and also important if you keep live plants in an aquarium.

In this example The Tetra APS400 is a great choice for aquariums 250 – 600 litres.



The temperature of the aquarium is important as fish can’t produce there own body heat, a fish tank heater will maintain a constant water temperature (optimal setting 78 degrees), there are various types of heaters but purchasing a good quality heater is important in this example I am showing you the Tetra High performance heater.



The Best temperature for your aquarium is 78 degrees F, this is the optimum temperature for Freshwater tropical fish.

The Thermometer example here is the Fluval digital aquarium thermometer.



Lighting is important to your fish and live plated aquariums, what you are looking to achieve is providing your fish with an environment replicating there conditions in the wild, The example shown here is an aquarium light that has white LED light for daytime and Blue LED lighting for nigh time. The two different colours replicate the Sun and The moon but you should only keep the white light on for a maximum of 10 hours this will help to control any algae build up in your fish tank.




Gravel gives beneficial bacteria a place to thrive in your aquarium, it helps to break down waste created by your fish and also makes your aquarium look great.

In this example I am showing Marina Aquarium gravel in a rainbow colour.




A syphon is very important for aquarium maintenance, allowing you to easily do a 25% water change without making a mess and also to vacuum your gravel removing waste from the tank.

The example shown here is a hand pump syphon which is very easy to use.

Cleaning Kit

Cleaning Kit;

Cleaning and maintaining your aquarium can be made much easier with a basic cleaning kit, scraping algae of your tanks glass, netting loose debris, raking the gravel and so on.

The example shown here is a practical basic kit which will help you maintain your aquarium.


Keep your water Safe, breathable and healthy


Water conditioner is important when adding tap water to your aquarium it removes the chlorine from tap water making it safe for your fish and live plants.


Tetra Aquasafe is one of the best water conditioners for your aquarium and highly recommended by Keeping Fish.

Aquarium Fish

When you first add fish to a new aquarium keeping fish recommends that with basic Aquarium Knowledge you will start off by adding just one fish, preferably an inexpensive one.

The reason for starting off slowly and not filling your aquarium with fish straight away is the fish tank needs to cycle properly and you also need to ensure all your equipment is working correctly to get your tank functioning properly.

You would be devastated if you had just bought a fish for £50.00 and it did not survive because of a problem with the set up.

Choosing your fish for the aquarium is also important as some fish don’t like other types of fish and can become aggressive in your tank, there are many types of fish some being community fish such as Platty’s or Mollies.

These types of fish would a good choice when starting out keeping fish but you can ask for advice at your local fish store.


Accessories in your aquarium can make it look beautiful such as plants, decorative caves, or fun ornaments like divers and shipwrecks.

Adding accessories to your aquarium allows you to personalise the look and feel of the tank that you want you can add coloured lighting and create some really cool aqua-scapes to give your aquarium the wow factor.

I hope you found this article “basic aquarium knowledge” useful especially if you are starting a new hobby keeping fish if you did leave a comment below about your experiences when starting out with aquarium fish keeping.

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